14th International Symposium on the 
Ordovician System
July 15–26, 2023; Estonia and Sweden
in conjunction with 

The 3rd Annual Meeting of IGCP 735 and 
STRATI-2023 Ordovician Excursion



Post-conference excursion to Sweden. We are glad to announce that the excursion to Sweden will take places as planned 23rd-26th July. 
Registered participants will shortly receive an e-mail with updated information and details regarding the excursion. 
Due to practicalities the final number of participants is restricted and registration is now closed. However, an opening may come in case of any cancellations. 
Note that payment for the post-conference field trip to Sweden is to be paid separately and more information regarding this will be posted here shortly. 
For any queries please contact Jan Ove Ebbestad (jan-ove.ebbestad@em.uu.se).